Your MVA/TPL Claims Are Our Only Focus.

Continuum is Raising the Standard for your Motor Vehicle and Third-Party Liability claims, delivering results that matter.

Continuum’s dedicated focus offers benefits above and beyond anyone else in the industry.

Full service and support on 100% of your MVA claims. That’s how we’re Raising the Industry Standard.

Full-Service Claims
We provide comprehensive claims management support and handle everything for you.
Solely Focused
on MVA Claims
We have expert-level knowledge and experience to process MVA claims better.
Patient Advocacy
We assign a Patient Advocate as a single point of contact for your patient throughout the process.
We simplify the claims process and implement technology to decrease billing time and A/R days.
We secure tens of millions of dollars in previously unrealized revenue for our hospital partners each year.

Our partners ALWAYS see a significant increase in revenue after partnering with Continuum. The results below speak for themselves.

“Our Auto Liability was a population that was in need of expertise. Continuum brought that to us. They doubled our collections in the first 6 month of our engagement. I would definitely recommend them for your auto accounts.”
CBO Manager, 10 Facility Health System
“Robyn was extremely helpful in both getting my bill paid through my insurance and also explaining the process. I wasn’t sure who would cover the expense of my auto accident ER visit; my auto insurance, my health coverage, or the man who was liable for the accident’s insurance. Robyn helped me sort everything out and provided me with an extra copy of my bill when I asked. She was very easy to reach and absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend her.”
Thankful Patient
“As we have discussed, TPL/Auto accounts here have been our ‘bread & butter’ for many years. Changing vendors and tightening up the processes around management of these accounts has truly made a positive difference for us!”
CFO, Level II Trauma Center
“Thank you so much for your help and concern for our health and seeing that everything was taken care of with our accident-related medical bills. God be Praised!”
Thankful Patient
“Working with Continuum has taken a lot of the guess work out of the equation for both associates and patients. Registration staff are given clear, simple direction regarding what their responsibilities are, generating fewer mistakes and simplifying the revenue cycle. On top of that, patients reap the benefits of having a partner to navigate the complicated auto insurance industry. It’s a win-win for us.”
Director Patient Access, Partner Health System
“I wanted to thank you so much for your partnership. You are a key reason why we continue to be successful on the front end with TPL’s.”
Senior Director Patient Access, Multi-State, Multi-Facility Health System

Benefits revealed through Continuum’s full-service claims processing

Increased Revenue
A/R days to payment Decreased
Increased Patient Access Training
Errors at Registration Decreased
Increased Account Identification
Account Touches / Rebilling Decreased
Increased Percentage Collected
Self-pay write-offs Decreased
Increased Specialized Technology
Manual Processes and Paper Claims Decreased
Increased Discovery of MVA Benefits
Avoidable Write-Offs / COB Denials Decreased
Increased MedPay/PIP Billing
Exhaust Letters / Non-Payment Decreased
Increased Knowledge of MVA Regulations
Compliance risk and Underpayments Decreased
Increased Communication
Staff Frustration and Patient Complaints Decreased
You’ve come to the right place to simplify your complex claims process.