MVA Revenue Increase
Multi-Facility Health System


Client collected $996k from all payer types (MVA, Health Insurance, Medicare,Medicaid, etc.) Continuum collected $3.2M from MVA payers alone! A 221% increase.

Continuum continues to create a better way to manage complex claims; a difference not only in the results, but in the journey. Prioritizing patient experience, supporting your staff with education and streamlining the claims process are just a few of the ways we are raising the standard in the industry.

Educational Spotlight

The ability to increase revenue for MVA claims starts with proper identification in the ED. Once identified, it is imperative that the hospital also accurately track accounts across EMR’s for hospital, physician, and ambulance billing. Since EMR’s are not designed to do this, hospitals need a partner, or tools, that can ensure all bills are being worked simultaneously.


A large health system was handling MVA accounts with internal resources. Realizing their challenges of managing this population of claims, they reached out to Continuum for assistance.

“Our Auto Liability was a population that was in need
of expertise. Continuum brought that to us. They doubled
our collections in the first 6 month of our engagement.
I would definitely recommend them for your
auto accounts.”

Manager, CBO Operations

Assistance Continuum Provided

Continuum provided initial training to this health system’s patient access teams, giving them the tools needed for smoother registration of MVA claims. Continuum then managed the entire billing process, ensuring bills from all service lines and their respective EMR’s were aggregated together so none were overlooked. By managing the entire billing process, Continuum created efficiencies and streamlined process that resulted in revenue increases and streamlined process for hospitals, attorneys, adjusters and patients alike.


In the first year following training and full service management of MVA accounts, the hospital realized a 221% increase in revenue from just auto payers compared to total collections from all payers previously! The additional revenue captured from the other secondary payers (Health Insurance, CMS, Self-Pay) was over and above this increase.

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