MVA Revenue Increase
Multi-facility, Multi-state health system


Client collected $3.9M from MVA/TPL Payers.
Continuum collected $12.8M! A 230% increase.

Continuum continues to create a better way to manage complex claims; a difference not only in the results, but in the journey. Prioritizing patient experience, supporting your staff with education and streamlining the claims process are just a few of the ways we are raising the standard in the industry.

Educational Spotlight

For many hospitals, MVA claims are often disproportionately time consuming and potentially unprofitable. This is largely due to the fact that EMR’s are not designed to handle the complexities and nuances of these claims. Since MVA is such a small volume of the overall revenue cycle, it is difficult for hospitals to justify the additional technology, staff resources and training needed to manage these claims with excellence with their own internal teams. Continuum can ensure that this is no longer your reality for MVA claims.


A multi-facility health system recognized that their staff did not have the resources, technology or time needed to manage their MVA claims with excellence. Realizing the value Continuum’s specialized focus could provide, this system selected Continuum as their trusted partner.

“Continuum does a great job with MVA/TPL A/R.
A great job! They are knowledgeable, effective, they
provide great reporting, and stay actively engaged with
my follow-up folks. Very collaborative and effective
relationship. In a nutshell, use them! If you go with
anyone else, you will be making a big mistake.”

Sr. Director Billing & A/R Management.

Assistance Continuum Provided

Continuum provided training to the Patient Access teams, seamlessly integrated with the hospital EMR to allow for electronic billing and correspondence, and began handling all communication with patients, attorneys and insurance adjusters to bill, negotiate and collect payments for this system.


In the first 12 months following go-live and training, the identification of MVA accounts increased 110% and with specialized management the system realized an additional revenue increase of 230%! Ongoing training and management continues to ensure that accounts are identified correctly and revenue steadily increases.

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