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We help our partners secure millions of dollars in MVA/TPL revenue each year through our customized business solutions and proprietary technology. Our expertise in revenue cycle management has led to tens of thousands of settled claims while increasing identification and decreasing AR days.

Topic: MVA Revenue Increase
Provider: Multi-facilty health system

Revenue Increase: The ability to increase revenue for MVA claims starts with proper identification in the ED. Once identified, it is imperitive that the hospital also accurately track accounts across EMR’s for hospital, physician, and ambulance billing. Since EMR’s are not designed to do this, hospitals need a partner, or tools, that can ensure all bills are being worked simultaniously.

Topic: MVA Revenue Increase
Provider: Multi-facility, Multi-state health system

Revenue Increase: For many hosptials, MVA claims are often disproportionately time consuming and potentially unprofitable. This is largely due to the fact that EMR’s are not designed to handle the complexities and nuances of these claims. Since MVA is such a small volume of the overall revenue cycle, it is difficult for hospials to justify the additional technology, staff resources and training needed to manage…

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