Only Continuum is Solely Focused on MVA/TPL Claims.

We don’t divide our attention. We don’t take shortcuts. And it shows in our results! Our approach ensures that your claims management process is simplified and proper reimbursement recovered.

MVA/TPL Benefits that are Raising the Standard

Every MVA/TPL claim is processed through Continuum’s all-inclusive solution.
Our partners get our best every time.

Claim Management
Continuum systematizes the billing, follow-up, lien filing, negotiations, collections and payment posting of every account.
Staff Training
Continuum trains your Patient Access staff on the right questions to ask, and, more importantly, how to ask them in a way that produces results.
Unidentified Insurance Follow Up
Unlike other companies, we take ALL of your MVA claims, even if insurance information is missing. Then, we do the work to gather any missing insurance information for you, relieving your staff of this time-consuming task.
Electronic Billing
Simplify implementations and remove the manual work of MP/PIP billing by submitting your MVA/TPL claims electronically via 837's to Continuum; we’ll take it from there.
Lien Filing Engine
Lien filing requirements and timelines are unique to each state. Our technology ensures every lien is filed accurately and timely, perfecting your interest in every claim.
Guaranteed Compliance
Continuum ensures compliance with Coordination of Benefits rules in the billing and management of your claims, keeping you safe from legal action.
“One of the best vendor/partner relationships that I’ve experienced. They are supportive of the front-line staff all the way through the billing cycle to payment. They are always available and responsive to requests. Continuum is one of the first auto vendors that included front-line partnerships and training. Highly recommend.”
Patient Access Director
“Thank you, Briana, for being so nice and making the bills related to my accident be the easiest part instead of the worst part of going to the hospital.”
Thankful Patient
“Continuum does a great job with MVA/TPL A/R. A great job! They are knowledgeable, effective, they provide great reporting, and stay actively engaged with my follow-up folks. Very collaborative and effective relationship. In a nut shell, use them! If you go with anyone else you will be making a big mistake."
Sr. Director, Billing and A/R Management, 8 facility Health System
“I was contacted promptly, and the bills were paid quickly. Amazing process. Appreciate the easy process at a not so easy time.”
Thankful Patient
“The Continuum team is doing an awesome job for our Health System! We have really enjoyed our partnership and are looking forward to continually improving our process together.”
Director, University Health System
“Hospital billing can sometimes be daunting and confusing, it is even more complicated and frustrating when it is a car accident. A service like this is really helpful!”
Thankful Patient

How the Continuum Difference Raises The Industry Standard

Our solutions go beyond basic expectations to ensure your hospital misses nothing.

Sole Focused
Our dedicated focus ensures all aspects of the claim are handled with intentionality, delivering results that matter.

Real Time Account Identification
MVA accounts are flagged in real time to ensure our investigation of benefits is happening in parallel to the facility coding these claims.

Unidentified Insurance Follow Up
We take ALL of your MVA claims, even if insurance information is missing (unlike other companies). Then, we get to work gathering any missing insurance information for you, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

Claim Scrubbing
Our technology flags accounts not identified as MVA at registration, ensuring no claim is billed to an improper payer or placed in self-pay when auto benefits exist, reducing account touches and COB denials.

Cash Pay Posting
Continuum reviews every payment, allocating it accurately across multiple dates of service, and provides 835 remits for automatic import into your EMR.

Transparent Communication
Always know where you stand. From our prompt response time and communication with your staff, to having 100% of all correspondence with patients, attorneys and adjusters noted and uploaded to your EMR, there is never a question of what we are doing.

Transparent Reporting
Transparency does not stop with communication. We also provide industry specific, real-time reporting of financial performance so you can see exactly how we are doing. Our results speak for themselves.

MVA/TPL Account Liquidation
Reduce the frustration of electronic medical records (EMR) conversions by converting MVA accounts into immediate payments.

“I was contacted promptly, and the bills were paid quickly. Amazing process. Appreciate the easy process at a not so easy time.”
Thankful Patient

What Can Our Full‑Service Support Do For You?

Increase MVA Patient Identification with our training tools
Simplify processes for accuracy and timeliness
Expedite billing and increase the percentage collected on total billed charges
Expedite payments for MVA/TPL claims and see them go from unidentified and unpaid to paid and closed
Increase your revenue
Gain back your staff’s time and effort to focus on other bills