We Are Continuum.

A Proven Partner For Raising The Standard In Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

Hospitals often perceive auto accidents claims as notoriously difficult, potentially unprofitable, full of legal complexities, time consuming for billing departments, and a frustration for patients who become overwhelmed with the experience.

Continuum ensures that these perceptions are no longer your reality.

MVA claims need specialized attention. That’s why they’re the only thing we do and we handle 100% of your MVA/TPL claims for you.

In 2006 we founded Continuum in Denver, Colorado, to solve the problems of MVA/TPL claims management for both hospitals and patients.

We’ve developed processes and technologies to shorten and simplify that claims management process and raise the standard in the industry. We are privately owned and answer only to our hospital partners, not investors.

We’ve secured tens of millions of dollars in previously unrealized revenue for our partners each year while giving them the peace of mind that all of their staff and claims are supported.

How We Are Simplifying Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlining The Journey
We handle 100% of your MVA/TPL claims, making it simple for you to convert those accounts into revenue. From identifying missing patient insurance information to coordinating payments and negotiating settlements, we offer full-service support.
From prompt responses to you and your staff, communication with patients, attorneys and adjusters populated into your EMR, to detailed reporting of financial performance, we provide real results in real time.
Our systems aggregate all accident data including multiple dates of service (even from separate EMRs, if necessary) into one place, providing accurate dates, totals, and details to make billing faster.
We make sure to provide everyone with what they need throughout the process: hospital Patient Access teams receive training, the hospital is ensured fair payment, and communication with patients is shared with empathy.
Happy patients, settled claims, no loose ends.
We help healthcare providers realize success with their most complex MVA/TPL claims. That’s how we’re raising the industry standard.
Streamline Your Claims Management